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Michael K. Horn, Esq.

Licensed to practice law in United States District Courts, Missouri and South Dakota

J.D., University of South Dakota School of Law, Bogue Scholarship Winner

B.A. (Political Science), Loyola University, Cum Laude & Honors Program Graduate

"I have a passion to help people.  I love working on interesting civil and human rights issues, but even everyday divorce cases give me a chance to improve my clients' lives."


Michael has extensive experience as a prosecutor, including heading up the felony division of Meade County, South Dakota.  Michael also has business experience, having managed his family's affairs in Branson for several years.  Now, Michael has a thriving private practice, chiefly handling cases involving family law (custody, child support, visitation, adoption, guardianship and abuse / neglect defense, juveniles, school issues, protection orders) and criminal law (from traffic tickets to felony charges).  Some of Michael's favorite cases are civil rights, equal rights and human rights cases.

The Branson Tri-Lakes News named Michael the "Best Lawyer" and "Best Law Firm" in Branson in the 2020 Readers' Choice Awards.

Brian Pierce, Esq.

J.D., University of Minnesota, Cum Laude

B.A. (Criminology and Psychology), University of Minnesota, Magna Cum Laude

Brian has extensive legal experience, having clerked for the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and having acted as prosecutor of Cottonwood County, Minnesota.  Brian acts as paralegal in the office.  Brian is not licensed to practice law in Missouri.  He is, however, uniquely qualified to assist Michael and provide valuable services to Michael's clients.

Brian was recently named an "Unsung Hero" of the legal profession by Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

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